The Effects of Valium Use

Is Valium Harmful?

Valium, a popular sedative-hypnotic prescription drug, has numerous effects on the body, many of which can be dangerous when the drug is misused or abused. Valium (diazepam) is prescribed for sleeplessness, anxiety, muscle spasms, and sometimes for the management of alcohol withdrawal.

Valium is in the class of drugs known as benzodiazepines. Valium and other drugs like it act to potentiate the effects of a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system known as GABA—resulting in depression of a number of brain processes. It has historically been prescribed in the short-term for its anti-convulsant and anti-anxiety properties.

Like many of the benzodiazepines, Valium has become popular amongst those seeking to get high as a result of its depressant effects. Many abusers of Valium take it combination with alcohol and/or other substances. Abuse occurs when a user:

  • Takes excess doses.
  • Takes more frequent doses than prescribed.
  • Takes it via alternate methods (such as injection or via crushing and snorting it to enhance the high.

A marked physical dependency to Valium can result quite quickly when abused.

The dangers of Valium abuse are quite real. If you are concerned that you or someone close to you has developed a Valium addiction, call us at 650-600-3750 to speak with someone about treatment center information and benzodiazepine detox and rehabilitation. Treatment support advisers are available around the clock to take your call.